Art printed on iPhone and Samsung phone covers

April 2, 2020 

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I am so grateful for my iPhone, and it is really helping me keep in touch with my loved ones during this crazy time. Texts, email, Zoom meetings, you name it, my phone keeps me connected to the outside world. I also like pretty things, so it’s fun to have an ART printed cell phone cover that expresses my personality and love of colorful things!

Thankfully, now YOU also have a place where YOU can shop for unique ART printed iPhone and Samsung cell phone covers in most current sizes. These cases are affordable, fun, durable and just YOUR style! I’ve also found my new cover to be a great conversation starter, and I can always pick mine out in a crowd! It’s been very durable, because, I’ll admit to dropping on my studio floor quite a few times. Oops, Hahaha!

For the moment, I am offering these high quality cases for only $21.50, which includes shipping to the Continental USA. 

Bring some Art and Joy into your life! Who knows, maybe your cell phone will make you smile!

Stay Healthy, and God Bless, 

Nancy McLennon