About the artist

Headshot of the Fine artist Nancy L McLennon 

Nancy McLennon was born and raised in Western Michigan. As a child, she loved wandering in nearby woods, daydreaming, and dipping her toes in the little streams. Color and art were her passions throughout her childhood, and from the age of five, she knew she wanted to be a professional artist. This dream brought her to obtain herundergraduate degree from Kendall College of Art and Design, where she studied with many amazing professors, such as Fine Artists, Jon McDonald and Curtis Johnson. 

She has continued experimenting with painting throughout the years, and currently has a fascination with Pacific Coast landscapes and painting bright, modern floral images. Nancy and her family have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for decades, and the shapes and warm earthy colors of landscapes have drawn her in for good! She is constantly stopping to gaze at the sweep of local hills as they touch the airy, deep blue of the sky. That is where the mystery and magic of painting landscapes lies!

Nancy enjoys living on an insanely steep hillside, where she can view her much loved Mt. Tamalpais, ‘Mt Tam’ if you are a Marin County local! She is currently working on a series of smaller paintings of the treasured landscape. It inspires her to wake up and paint God’s creation right outside of her window.

She is fascinated with science, nature, history, and mystery programs, and frequently listens to them as she paints. She and her husband, Dan, also have fun on their travels through California, Oregon, and the State of Washington. Along these travels, she is often inspired by the green or golden hills and tiny farms that sweep throughout the region. Whether she is working on a joyful floral or a lush landscape, Nancy is excited by the colors, shapes, and interplay with the paint.

Nancy is currently experimenting with an increasingly “painterly” fresh style, which draws the viewer to study her work up close and then again at a distance. She wants to inspire you to stop for a moment, to gaze and to dream.

Her original paintings have wraparound designs that require no framing. In the original paintings descriptions, you will note that most of her paintings are on canvas and some are on wood panels.

All originals are signed by the artist, are wired on the back for ease of hanging, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Nancy’s work has been exhibited at locations throughout California and are held in private collections all over the United States. She is an Artist Member of Marin Museum of Contemporary Art

Nancy welcomes you to offer your thoughts on her work and is happy to answer your questions on her contact page here. Her returns policies and privacy policies are available here if you wish to know more. 

Nancy would love to send you a little piece of Northern California!