About the artist

Headshot of the Fine artist Nancy L McLennon

  • Hello, I’m Nancy McLennon, a Northern California fine artist, who grew up in Western Michigan. I knew that I wanted to be an artist at the age of five, so I have drawn and painted my whole life. I received my undergraduate degree from Kendall College of Art and Design, and studied with many amazing professors, such as Fine Artist Jon McDonald and (the late) illustrator and painter, Curtis Johnson.
  • After five years of living, working and studying in Houston, Texas, my husband and I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. We have never wanted to leave, and have lived in Marin County for over 30 years. One of the joyful things of living in Northern California is its breathtaking beauty, which inspires me to paint in vivid colors.
  • I am a very inquisitive person and have been a lifelong learner. I enjoy following science, nature, history and mystery programs, and frequently listen to them as I paint. Most importantly, the natural world has always thrilled me, and I am sure that is why a love to paint flora and landscapes. I fell in love with the outdoors while wandering alone, as a child, in my neighboring woods. That deep love of nature has never left me.
  • I am currently creating two new series of oil paintings. The first series features joyful, bold and colorful oil paintings of tropical florals. The second series is made of smaller paintings with more intimate views. My favorite subjects are of delicate flowers or small landscapes of vineyards, farms, hiking trails and the abundant open space that in just a short walk or drive from my studio.
  • Most of my work is created in my studio, which has a beautiful and unobstructed view of our local landmark, Mt.Tamalpais. I find it a joy to paint while surrounded by God’s creation, so I am never short of inspiration. My work is brushed on, in a soft painterly style, which means I intend for you to see my brushstrokes! 
  • My original paintings have wraparound designs that require no framing. Some of the paintings are mounted on wood panels and are thick enough to stand alone on a tabletop. All original paintings can be hung on walls and are ready to do so. 
  • My work has been exhibited at various locations in California, and many are held in private collections throughout the United States. I am an Artist Member of Marin Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Contact me if you have any questions, as I would love to send you a little piece of Northern California!
  • Thanks for visiting, Nancy